Epsco Inc., as it exists today, began in 1972 when former employees of Electro Corporation acquired the DC Power Supply line that had been in existence since 1936.  Epsco has become a recognized leader in the design and manufacture of power conversion equipment.  We offer a wide range of standard units for many applications including the following:
  • Product design and development
  • Testing transistor circuitry and other electronic equipment
  • Servicing and operating automobile, air/marine radio equipment
  • Production line testing
  • Industrial and educational laboratory work 
  • Various military applications
  • All types of Electro plating

 WHERE EVER A SOURCE OF CLEAN, D.C. POWER IS NEEDED. Our engineers can also design special power conversion equipment to meet your individual specific applications.

Epsco is most noted for the reliability and dependability of our units. We exercise the strictest quality control over the manufacture of each and every unit we build. All units are hand built and tested in our Illinois manufacturing plant by highly trained professionals and are backed by a full one year warranty. To determine which model meets your specific requirements just go to our products section or contact us directly at 630-250-0410 or sales@epscoinc.com.



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